Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 18 Zero at Fontana Dam Village

I slept on a good bed last night and will do so again tonight. My walking today was up to the Mountainview restaurant for breakfast and down to the Wildwood Grill for lunch. My legs are feeling great!

The Audi Club of America is staying here so they only offered a breakfast buffet, not their usual menu. I was a little disappointed as no toast, but I still over ate!  Never seen so many sporty little Audis. 

Yesterday at lunch the clientele was all thru hikers--grubby. Today it was, well I'll call it yuppies, though I have little info on their backgrounds. 

My lunch both days was a nice burger and a small salad bar. Both were fantastic. At dinner I had shrimp and grits. I had seen the entree on menus before but never tried it. It wasn't just shrimp and grits. The sauce and other ingredients made it fantastic. With desert it was more than I should have spent. Tonight I'll eat light from my leftover trail food. Same in the morning. 

I can get a shuttle to the trail head and avoid an off-trail 4 miles, but not until 8:30 am. And their restaurant doesn't open till 8:00 am. I'm hoping to walk uphill about 14 miles to a shelter with good water. 

Last night and today I read a Kindle book on my iPhone. I also decided to shave. The little dual bladed safety razor took forever. But for a day or so I don't have to worry about food in my beard!

I've got all the pack items cleaned up. My food bag is restocked. My optimistic route through the Smokies is planned. My remaining effort is deciding whether to watch a movie or TV.  And being dedicated to staying off my feet for another few hours. Have a good day!

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