Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 19 Fontana Dam to Russell Field Shelter

Sunday, May 01, 2016; AT Mile 180.4
Walked from 166.8 to 179.9 or 13.0 miles.
Started 08:53 AM, stopped 06:07 PM.
Ave mph was 1.41, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  5 percent
That was a tough day. Couldn't get a shuttle from the lodge till 8:45 am. My start was 2 hours later than last year. Must have been 120% humidity (:-). The ups never ended and neither did the bugs. Gnats in the face and swarms of flies biting my ankles at every pause. No one seemed to stop at the first camp site or shelter. Everyone is here. So I was able to tent. 

But mosquitoes showed up during dinner and ate up my legs. I got in the tent as soon as I could. 

Thought it would rain but it still hasn't. 

First time ever a ridge runner asked to see my permit. Apparently a bear was here last night and raided backpacks out of the shelter. Most of us are hanging our packs on the bear cables where we normally hang only food bags. 

Peculiar crowd. Only 3 people northbound passed me on the trail today. I'm still flabbergasted about where they all come from. 

Have a good night!








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