Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 12 Stealth Site to Wayah Bald Shelter

Sunday, April 24, 2016; AT Mile 120.8
Walked from 108.3 to 124.2 plus 0.40 adjustment or 16.2 miles.
Started 07:10 AM, stopped 06:10 PM.
Ave mph was 1.47, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  7 percent
Chilly this morning, but hot this afternoon. I took the side trip up to Silas Bald for fantastic views. The views from the stone tower at Wayah Bald were pretty good too. Otherwise lots of trees and rocks. I had an especially hard time keeping my ankles from rolling. I crept the last few miles to be safe. I can tell my muscles will be sore. 

I saw a big owl with about 4 foot wingspan. He was just a few feet away when I startled him. But he was hiding behind a tree by the time I got my camera out. 

I passed a threesome that looked like they were out of the army. One was fast, but had to wait on the other two. Nice guys. 

Bunch of dogs with people going up one of the gaps. I heard two bulldog variants, not on leashes, tangle with a young German shepherd. 

I tented near the Wayah Bald Shelter because I couldn't find a good alternative. Phone battery is down to 26% because I uploaded all those pictures yesterday. Won't do that on the trail again. Night!

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