Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 4 Lance Creek to Neels Gap

Saturday, April 16, 2016; AT Mile 31.7
Walked from 31.3 to 39.1 or 7.8 miles.
Started 07:04 AM, stopped 12:59 PM.
Ave mph was 1.31, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  1 percent
Looks like I just don't go very fast. Though there was a big pack at Lance Creek last night and only 3 passed me today. One of those figured they all must be late risers. 

I stopped at Mountain Crossings for a bunk, shower, and pizza. Pizza was ok, the milk was delicious. I wanted to take it easy on the knee, and they have WiFi so I plan to get caught up on the blog with photos!

Last night was miserable. The tent pad was seriously slanted. Trying to stay on an air pad that is sloped is a real pain. Bunks here are minimal, but they are flat!

Weather was great today with sun from early morning. Ranger at top of Blood Mountain said no rain till Thursday, though it will get cooler. 

The hike up the mountain was long, so the 1,500 foot rise didn't feel too bad. The trail down was very rocky and steep, not fun.  

You can see the elevation profile here. Have a great day!

This is part of the boot tree at Mountain Crossings. 

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