Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 9 Dick's Creek Gap to Bly Gap

Thursday, April 21, 2016; AT Mile 78.6
Walked from 74.6 to 83.2 or 8.6 miles.
Started 09:23 AM, stopped 03:30 PM.
Ave mph was 1.41, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  1 percent
The AT Guide says I walked 9 miles. We stopped by the big photographed tree. The night at Budget Inn was comfortable. I got a Subway for the trail and took the 0900 shuttle. 

There just weren't any views today. Lots of trees and hills, but no good vistas. Sunny till about 1:30 then clouds and cold breeze came in.  Left GA for NC just before the campsite. Wasn't sure rain wasn't coming early so ate and set up camp quickly. 

Sage and Lady Slipper and one other were at the tree when I got here. Thought they were a day ahead but they took an extra zero for here swelled ankle. 

Started off with Tex, Dregs and Melissa but they went way ahead. Merlin fell behind. And saw a few other section hikers. 

Rumor is that AT is closed just past Winding Stair Gap for a fire. That's the Franklin exit. Hope rain tonight will put it out. Otherwise strong winds will make it worse. 

Good day!

The shot below is Sage, the Brazilian, and Lady Slipper. 

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