Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 7 Trey Mountain to Top of Georgia

Like last year, one of my apps disappeared. This was my Hikers Assistant. Last year AT Hiker and Blog Touch Pro disappeared. Luckily I had good signal and was able to redownload the app. My track and waypoints were in my iCloud container, but I lost the maps I spent days downloading. IOS needs some kind of setting to prevent inadvertent app deletes. Anyway no elevation profile today.

I went from 58.1 to 69.6 plus 0.8 miles of side trails for water.  So I walked 12.3 miles from about 0705 to 3:30 pm. 

I'm staying at Top of Georgia hostel. Picked up my mail drop. They do your laundry and give you clothes to wear. Got my Smoky Mt permit, had half a pizza and I'm trying to do my blog. You get breakfast here in the morning and a shuttle to the trail. 

It was sunny early today and a thermometer at one shelter read 88 degrees. The first seven miles had no water and I was close to out. The two people behind me were. Lots of downhill and some strenuous ups. As yesterday Comet, Dregs and Melissa passed me. Think they went on into Hiawasee. Tex / Marty caught up with me at the water but decided to camp and catch a shuttle into town in the morning  for a zero. 

Not sure what the masses of people are doing. You see them at the shelters but not on the trail. Woodstock and Sunshine are in the bunk room. I'm probably going to go into town tomorrow for a zero. Will work on the blog and photos. 

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