Saturday, October 25, 2014

Isle Royale Itinerary, 19-26 May 2014, RH-LC-DF-WC-HL-MC-MB-RH

Last May I did a backpacking trip on Isle Royale.  At the time I kept a trail journal on paper, and created a trip report for myself afterwards.  I'm now planning a longer trip where I want to blog about my daily progress, so I'm posting a couple of my past trips as a way to learn to use the blog.  So please be aware the Isle Royale trip is not being blogged in real time.

Here's the National Park Service (NPS) map of the island:

The itinerary in this short post is what I actually accomplished.  In reality, my plan was pretty close.  I had not done a multi-day backpacking trip in years, and was uncertain of my abilities in terms of daily mileage.  So I kept daily miles pretty low.  Plus, the ferry to the island only runs certain days, which constrained my starting and stopping dates and places.  My intent was to see as much of the island as I could in the time off I had.
The NPS trail mileage is listed first in each line.  In square brackets is the day’s Fitbit summary/estimate for actual number of steps, miles traveled and calories burned.  Note the Fitbit miles traveled cover all steps (in camp, on trail, in Copper Harbor, etc.) in the 24 hour period, but the mileage depends on their guess of a constant stride length.

                Day 1, Rock Harbor to Lane Cove, 6.9 miles [20067 steps, 9.49 mi, 2883 calories]
                Day 2, Lane Cove to Daisy Farm, 6.9 miles [21143 steps, 9.99 mi, 2888 calories]
                Day 3, Daisy Farm to West Chickenbone, 7.9 miles [22206 steps, 10.47 mi, 2988 calories]
                Day 4, West Chickenbone to Hatchet Lake, 7.9 miles [22811 steps, 10.75 mi, 3028 calories]
                Day 5, Hatchet Lake to McCargoe Cove, 10.7 miles [29454 steps, 13.9 mi, 3454 calories]
                Day 6, McCargoe Cove to Moskey Basin, 8.4 miles [23552 steps, 11.11 mi, 3045 calories]
                Day 7, Moskey Basin to Rock Harbor, 11.0 miles [31590 steps, 14.9 mi, 3497 calories]
                Day 8, Scoville Point trail, 4.2 miles [18491 steps, 8.73 mi, 2730 calories]

Total Trail Hiking:  ~63.9 miles
Total Fitbit Mileage:  ~89.3

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