Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega GA

Tomorrow I start the Appalachian Trail again. Today I got to within driving distance. The flights on American were great. Even the luggage service was quick. But then I had to dawdle in the airport at Atlanta for two hours. Some unusual folks there.

After that I took the MARTA train to the northern most stop and waited for another 6 hikers and the shuttle to arrive. That was more interesting as I could talk to the other hikers. Then an hour drive to Dahlonega with a 30 minute stop at Walmart/Subway to get dinner. 

The Hiker Hostel provides a thru-hiker package that includes bunk, shuttles, breakfast, and alcohol (only fuel (:-) for $85. A taxi from Atlanta to the trail is about $150.  Spent a couple hours trying to get everything set up here. The hostel location ought to be showing under Cipher on the blog. Not much to photo here--should have got the 14 chickens!  Here's what I've got. 


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