Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 1 Amicalola Falls to Springer Mountain

AT Mile -8.8 to +0.2 miles. 

In getting started I forgot to use my app. So you don't see an elevation profile and hiking specs. Fitbit says I hiked about 25,400 steps, 11 miles and used about 3000 calories. My guide says I walked 8.8 miles on the Approach trail and 0.2 on the AT or just nine miles. This year I wasn't hiking with anyone so I went slower. I was also babying aches in the left ankle and right knee.

The 700 stair steps up the falls and the 1500 foot climb were torture. You don't get hill climbing practice or lungs in Texas state parks. The wind was pretty fierce all day with mostly clouds. It's going to be a cold night. 

The group from the hostel were great and most of them are here. Though the ones I talked most with skipped the approach trail and so are a day ahead. That included Jewel a double crowner (AT and PCT) who is redoing the AT. She's older than me!  A couple of young folks from England. And lots of others from around the country. Most don't have trail names yet. It was pretty interesting watching so many of them fix dinner. The majority ha canister stoves. A couple alcohol. And one guy had white gas. He spilled his priming and set the picnic table on fire. Though it just blazed till the spilled gas was consumed. There's one of the AT trail runners assigned here (volunteers).  I didn't see any last year; he seemed disapproving!

My new tent went up a lot better than in the rocky ground in Colorado. But with the tie-outs it's almost bigger than the space I have. I hope the breeze dies down, the tent is well ventilated!  I'm going to wear three layers tonight. 

The falls and scenery were gorgeous today, but photos will have to wait till I get better signal. Good night. 

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