Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 15 NOC to Locust Cove Gap

Wednesday, April 27, 2016; AT Mile 147.7
Walked from 139.7 to 149.4 or 9.6 miles.
Started 06:48 AM, stopped 02:30 PM.
Ave mph was 1.25, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  4 percent
Ok, I have to correct the mileage. It was 10.4 for 1.34 mph. And most of that was uphill with some tough downs. I got a reservation at Fontana Lodge for Friday evening so I didn't want to go too far. And I wasn't sure about the chances of tenting ahead. The weather was mixed sun and clouds but chances of thunderstorms tonight and more probably tomorrow. Some good views at a vista and Cheoah Bald. 

Hiked up out of the NOC with Square Peg, Capt Planet, and Scott. Scott went on ahead. Square Peg stopped back. Capt Planet zoomed on.  There was one guy dressed for a night club at the bald, black striped long-sleeved shirt, black pants, a fancy black hat and sunglasses. He was using his phone and smoking. 

A couple from Over the Hill Gang (finished AT by sections in 2013) are headed south, and are camped here. Nice guys. 

Besides the tough ups and downs today, there was a lot of nearly foliage-overgrown path. But not really much I the way of flowers. Feeling fine today 

Have a good evening. 








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