Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day 5 Neels Gap to Stealth Site

Sunday, April 17, 2016, AT Mile 45.1
Walked from 42.3 to 51.5 or 9.2 miles.
Started 06:54 AM, stopped 03:41 PM.
Ave mph was 1.07, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  3 percent
Apparently I didn't wait long enough before turning on airplane mode this morning. The start point shows several miles up the AT from where I really started. I actually hiked 13.4 miles by the guide. 

Last night in the hostel was nice. Though a nice lady from Puerto Rico came in late, took the bunk above me and snored all night. Everyone talked till 1000. I got out early at 0700 and haven't seen any of them today. Water Falls was zero'ing, but not thru liking. He did the thru in 99. A CPU designer that I don't think wants to go back to work. Walk More arrived later than me. He was at the hostel, but skipped the approach trail. I missed him in passing. Lots of folks camped up the hill from the hostel. Course there was only one free bunk left anyway. 

Quiet day on the trail. Only two backpackers passed me. Though I did see several day hikers. Sunny and hot!  Lots of trees with no foliage and lots of mountains behind me. 

I did catch up to one thru seated on the trail clutching an empty water bottle just before here. She had used two quarts in the last 1.5 mile uphill. The guide was wrong about water at a sight .5 mile back. I gave her half a liter and checked the Guthook app to confirm the next water is in .7 miles. I think she's going to get that app ASAP. 

I did have one worry today. I thought the lady above me had dropped her jacket during the night. They keep the lights off in there, so it was an assumption. On the trail I couldn't remember seeing my down jacket when I packed this morning. Thought it had come out of my pack hidden in my down quilt. I was very happy to see it in my pack just now. 

The tent site is dry, but the next water site tomorrow is just 0.5 mile down the trail. I'm on a hilltop and hope to have a nice breeze. Have a good evening!

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