Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 2 Springer Mt to Stealth Site

Thursday, April 14, 2016
Walked from  0.2 to 13.4 or 13.2 miles.
Started 07:36 AM, stopped 05:47 PM.
Ave mph was 1.32, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  4 percent
I did a little better on my app usage, but forgot to take it out of airplane mode to use the GPS when I started. Hence the elevation profile is wrong. 

I went slow and careful today to make sure my knee was okay. It seemed to be better as the day went on. I'm camped at a stealth site, I just got too tired to make it to a shelter. Lots of steep ups and downs today. 

I was comfortable last night but the wind howled continuously. And it came in under the tent. It rained lightly most of the night but the wind dried the tent by morning. 

The trail ranger mentioned an airplane crash. There were helicopters continuously till about 11:00 pm. Kind of sounded like what the Berlin Airlift would have sounded like with rotary aircraft. You couldn't here the wind then or get any sleep. 

It's warmer and calmer this evening. Almost no wind. 

I got an early start and the pack didn't overtake me like I expected. Maybe 2 or 3 hikers passed me. Caught up to Top who started at Springer and not Amicalola. Think his big pack is slowing him down. As you can see I was not going fast!

Tomorrow I'm going to keep it down to about ten miles. Today really took it out of me. Never saw more than one bar of AT&T so no pictures or posting yet. 

I think the elevation profile is for my first two days. 

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