Friday, April 20, 2018

CDT Day 6 (4/20) 5th Water Cache to Lordsburg

We set this up for a short 6 mile hike into town, and got here about 8:30 am. 

We dropped our packs off at the hotel and went across the street for breakfast. The potatoes were overdone. 

Back at the hotel, the clerk told us nothing till 2:00 pm, that they were all booked and the cleaning people hadn’t started. We asked about the laundromat (you wouldn’t believe the dirt) and the manager told us they will do laundry for $5. She then told the clerk to book us into two ready rooms. 

Laundry took a while.  But the shower felt great. 

Went out to the Post Office and get my resupply. I also stopped by Dollar General to get some mucinex. The Benadryl and mucinex are helping somewhat. Decided to stay in Lordsburg for a zero. So more tomorrow. 

By the way, the wind is strong but temps fell to lower sixties. 

Late news!  I got a call around 08:00 pm that they had found my camera and someone had brought it to the hotel. It’s in fine shape. Sincere thanks to those who helped!

Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photo of the wide dirt road set in gently rolling, desolate desert. 

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