Friday, April 20, 2018

CDT Day 3 (4/17) Dry Camp to 3rd Water Cache

I think we went about 17-18 miles today. The wind today got worse all day. In fact in the morning I realized my tarp bag had blown away. Luckily Landstar saw it as we hit the trail. I owe him a beer. 

We hit the solar well mid day. We could see the dust clouds a mile off. It was like sand blasting. The stop was miserable. Though the water was good. 

The rest of the 6.4 miles to our third water cache was miserable.  The wind either blew us off the trail or slowed us by hitting us in the face. The wind was fierce. 

We stopped for the evening at the third water cache. The going was tough and we will cowboy camp. Starboard went on for a couple of miles to dry camp. 

Have a good evening. 

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