Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 11 - Zero in Silver City.

4/25/2018. About 2-3 miles. :)

Basically we took a zero because we are slow getting chores done in town. 

Don’t count on any kind of decent backpacking equipment replacement. They seem focused on bikes. Not a tent in town, even though they have three stores. We tried to buy some expendables, but they were out of everything since they had bike races last week. 

If you stay near the Walmart you are far from the historic district. If you stay at the historic district you are far from Walmart. 

We’ll leave in the morning. 

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  1. Hi! I'm glad you're doing well and have had some nicer weather this week. Thanks for your posts and pictures. I love catching up with you trip. Phil and I have been in Breckenridge this weekend for our annual timeshare meeting with Grand Lodge. While we were in the outdoor hot tubs, I thought of how much you would appreciate the great amenities here. There is still snow on the mountains, although ski season at this location is closed. Yesterday was beautiful and cool. If you get to Colorado, we would love to bring you here for an overnight/weekend. I think you would greatly appreciate the comfort of a bed, the theater room, pools and hot tubs, and some good food. But, if you come to visit us, we can bring you up here any time. It's about an hour and a half from home. Hope your sinus issues are better and you've been able to replace the stake. Sounds like you're doing great! Phil says you're on the experience of a lifetime and you'll have a lot to talk about when it's over and done. We'll keep in touch. We love you. :)