Friday, April 20, 2018

CDT Day 1 (4/15) Crazy Cook to Water Cache

We went 14.4 miles today. Started with 4 liters of water. With 6 days of food the pack was heavy!

They left Econo Lodge in off road trucks about 0630. The 3 hour ride required extreme bladder control because of the bouncing. Take extra water but don’t drink it till you get to Crazy Cook. 

Once hiking we went from cross country to rocky road to streambed. The last two switched off. Guidance to find water cache was off, so I walked through brambles to get there for the night’s camp. 

Since I’m revising this in my down day in Lordsburg, looking back it was our nicest day. Hot but not windy. Some shade along the way. I lost my camera the 3rd of six days, so there won’t be any photos till later. Go to my CDT’18 page and you will see a link to what I’ve got for this section. 

Stakes wouldn’t stay in ground so took tarp down and cowboy camped. Ate all snacks earlier and it was hard to get the Mounnain House down. 

Good night!

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