Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Isle Royale Final Itinerary and Thoughts

There will be two other posts after this one:  a lessons learned that I'm mostly done with and an equipment list. I'm also waiting on pictures till I get to a PC.

This was my final itinerary:
Day 1 Rock Harbor to Lane Cove, 7 mi
Day 2 Lane Cove to McCargoe Cove, 12 mi
Day 3 McCargoe to S Lake Desor, 18.2 mi
Day 4 Rain at S Lake Desor, 0 mi
Day 5 Lake Desor to Moskey Basin, 20.5 mi
Day 6 Moskey to Rock Harbor, 11 mi
Day 7 Rained out trails @ Rock Harbor, 4.3 mi
Day 8 Trails at Rock Harbor, 7 mi

So I walked 80 miles of trail instead of the planned 106 miles. The 4 days of rain and bitter cold/winds were disappointing. So too were the conditions of the trails. There was a great deal more blow down than in 2014. I wanted to do the whole Minong but the rangers said it was washed out. 

Well, those are the risks of going early in May before the bugs and the crowds get there. This year I lost on my roll of the dice. 

However I'm really more disappointed in myself. I was careless and didn't properly handle the rain. I made decisions to shelter up instead of walking in the rain and seeing more of the island. Admittedly, I don't think my toes and feet would have survived even more rough footing in continually wet socks and shoes. 

Despite my regrets, I am glad that I went. I saw the three moose, the fox, and all the great forests, marshes and lakes. That's not an experience I get very often. It was wonderful!

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