Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 7 Rock Harbor

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Started at 7:47 am, stopped at 9:44 am
Average mph was 2.28 mph
Fitbit: 9,149 steps, 4.34 mi, 1371 cal
This didn't turn out to be the day I hoped. It rained over night. The wind was a loud roar all night and so far all day. 

I slipped on the wet rock when I stepped out for a leak. The picnic table was wet so I cooked breakfast in the shelter. 

The plan was to take the Stoll Trail out to Scoville Point. I put on my rain gear just in case. Good thing too, there is an icy strong wind out. 

I got about a 1/4 of the way around the trail before it started raining. That ended my hopes of going out on the long rocky, now wet and slippery, point. 

After a while the rain let up and I headed down Tobin Harbor trail toward Suzy's Cave. I requested another weather forecast via my Explorer just in case. Shortly thereafter the rain started again, and I headed back to the shelter. 

When I got back I looked at the forecast. Rain all day, and the temperature stays at 41 F all day.  I've been catching up on my blogging. Wearing everything but my now wet rain gear. With that strong icy wind it is Cold! 

It rained and the wind blew and it stayed 41 F all day. I alternated between blogging and covering up in my quilt to get warm. Wouldn't have been so bad but my rain gear was hanging to dry. So was the Houdini wind shirt. I was stupid enough to step out for a leak in the Houdini. The rain came down while I was busy. 

A Ranger came checking permits just before 4:00 pm. Do you think they have many cheaters that slip onto the island without paying? :)

This was my second disappointing day this trip. Cold and bored!

The End

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