Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day -2 of Isle Royale Trip

I started writing thes daily blogs on Day 6 when I had some free time at Rock Harbor. So you are going to get some hind sight.

This was a travel day from San Antonio to Des Moine. Google Maps said the overall trip was going to take 24.5 hours driving. My Navigon app predicted something like 27. When I got in the truck, my Garmin device said I would get there Monday morning and would miss my boat. I was unhappy and worried. I went fast. Had an Arby's quck lunch but skipped dinner. I drove 17 hours today. I stopped about 9:00 pm to get a room at a Super8, but no vacancies. I was pissed. I called my wife and asked her to get me a reservation up ahead. She was nice and did so. 

Unfortunately I brought my small, old, second iPhone with an ATT GoPhone chip. Its $2 per day for unlimited voice and text but no data. I couldn't do any online research or reservations. Something I won't do the same way again. 

Other than being thirsty, hungry, tired, and worried about making Copper Harbor before the restaurant and motel closed Sunday evening, everything was great!

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