Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 29 Final

I decided to leave the trail. No injury or major problems. Basically it was just that it wasn't working out well with me on the trail and my spouse at home working. She wasn't happy about my hiking, and I couldn't help with any of the problems cropping up at home. 

And lack of AT&T signal in Hot Springs was a major problem. I couldn't get Google Voice to call using WiFi and Viber wouldn't accept their own code this year. FaceTime was working on weekends when she had her iPhone with her. But when she went into work she has to leave it outside. 

The in laws had a major connectivity outage, on a system I had set up, but I didn't have the details with me. My wife was very unhappy. 

I did find out that AT&T can be configured on the iPhone for WiFi calling. Apparently it is disabled by default because 911 calls won't give your real address. I had to agree to numerous 911 forms.  Calling worked normal from the library WiFi after that. Met one other guy in town who tried to buy a Verizon phone locally but they were out!  I told him about the library free WiFi and the WiFi calling setting and he was pretty grateful. 

Anyway, the combination of missing Susan and my conscience issue of not being home to help her made up my mind to stop here. Unless she's fully supportive in the future, I'll stick to trips around 2 weeks long. 

Also, I met lots of couples, pairs of friends, and some single folks hiking. The only other married guy I heard about hiking alone made a similar decision a day or two earlier--around the one month point. That doesn't mean there aren't lots of married folks hiking without their spouses...

If you've been following along, thanks!  And I hope I didn't disappoint you. Have a good day!

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