Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 23 Tri-Corner Knob Shelter to Stealth Site

Thursday, May 05, 2016; AT Mile 238.1
Walked from  0.0 to 235.8 or 15.9 miles.
Started 07:10 AM, stopped 05:25 PM.
Ave mph was 1.55, excluding lunch.
Battery used: 7 percent
I wanted to get out of the Smokies so this was always going to be a long day. 

Woke up to see sleet all around the tent. And it was icy cold. Shaking the tent froze my hands. In addition to all yesterday's clothes I added eVent rain mittens. Wore everything all day. 

The day started icy cold and windy. Worse than yesterday. But mid morning the sleet started. It came down continuous just like snow. Accumulated about 3/4 inch or more. In addition to wet rocks there was now ice. It wasn't melting at all. Except were it landed on running streams in the trail. 

Mid afternoon as we got lower it changed to snow. But that just added to the mush. Late in the day it became rain. By then the trail was one big mud slide. Many places 3 to 4 inches deep. It filled my trail runners. Footing was horrible. 

Instead of stopping at the last Smoky shelter a mile inside the park, I kept going. Camp free!  Plus as soon as I left the park the trail conditions went back to normal. 

It's cold here and sleeted some while I ate dinner. 

Have a good evening!


You can see my tent site outlined bottom left by sleet...





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