Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 24 Stealth Site to Standing Bear Farm

Friday, May 06, 2016; AT Mile 240.6
Walked from 235.8 to 237.8 or 2.0 miles.
Started 06:22 AM, stopped 08:21 AM.
Ave mph was 1.00, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  0 percent
Short hiking day. Overcast and rained last night so wore everything but rain mitts. It went down crossing a strong stream multiple times. Then it was a road walk up the rest of the way. 

I've requested a room, and need to wait a bit. Got the mail drop. Liquid applesauce, and some kind of chia stuff that was great, were consumed immediately. Not trail food but good!

Plan to let my left heel heal. It's been tight and a bit painful when stressed. And all of the trail was stressing it. Plus everything is a bit damp and I want to air it all out. And of course more rain today. 

So fair it is sunny. Small cabin. Washed clothes by hand in tub but drying in real dryer. Not as clean but good enough. Washed shoes in creek but mud still in them. So washed with hot water hose. Walking around in bear feet to let the shoes kind of dry. Have tent and rain pants stretched out hoping no sudden rain. 

No signal here so pictures will wait till Hot Springs TN.  Their resupply here is phenomenal. At least for snacks and lunches. Met Razz and Robin doing a section hike. She's retired AF nurse. They live up in Dayton. 

Have a good day!



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