Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 27 Bluff Mountain to Hot Springs

Monday, May 09, 2016; AT Mile 273.7
Walked from 258.9 to 269.4 or 10.6 miles.
Started 06:45 AM, stopped 12:12 AM.
Ave mph was 1.93, excluding lunch.
Battery used:  4 percent
The ankle was feeling better today. Compared to my usual travel, I moved!  Most of the trail was downhill, but most wasn't too steep. I only got passed by a couple of college age girls. Not sure if they were thrus, awfully clean looking. But they were carrying their packs around town. 

Weather is nice today, but I'm not sure it will continue. Lots of clouds. 

Saw Square Peg at the diner on town entry. Tried for lodging at Elmers, but guy said last room was taken an hour earlier. He didn't seem too polite about my not having a reservation. 

Didn't want a standard hostel for a zero. Not too unhappy, proprietors are vegan. Got a room at Alpine Court. Almost nice. But I have to come here to the Wash Tub to do my laundry. 

Went to Smoky Mountain Diner for lunch after showering. Good food at average prices. It's open 0630 for breakfast and has homemade cobbler!

Stopped in Bluff Mountain Outfitters for change for the wash. Will need to pickup my mail drop there soon. 

No AT&T in town. And no WiFi at the Alpine. I'll use the library WiFi next door to call Susan.  Not sure why I had cell on the mountain last night but nothing in town??







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