Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 28 Zero in Hot Springs

Not too much to say for today. Hot Springs is small. I got up early and finally got the eggs, bacon, pancakes, grits and milk breakfast I've been craving!

Then I repackaged the mail drop into my food and toiletry bags. Susan sent me a smaller size pair of pants, so I'm going to mail the others back. 

I'll spend some time on my kit...

The insoles on my Altra Lone Peak 2.5 trail runners have been sad. Every time they get wet they fold. Flimsy!  I've got a permanent crease in the left one. I am going to see if Bluff Mountain Outfitters has a better insole. I am not hopeful as the shoe is designed light and of course there is little spare room--except at the toes. 

The wintry cold weather and deep mud have resulted in my reconsidering my kit. If I stopped at a shelter I would have to leave my muddy shoes on to cook, eat and do toiletries. Most have camp shoes. Same issue in hostels. But my pack is not really designed for external equipment attachment. 

In the sleet storm I was chilly. It wasn't dangerous as I was relatively dry. I had on my merino wool base layer, my wind shirt, and my rain jacket. But the tremendous cold wind pulled the heat right out of me. The possum-down gloves and rain mitts were equally ineffective. I could have put on my down puffy, but that would have risked getting it wet. Plus the risk of moisture in the pack when I opened it. If it had gotten worse or been a degree or two warmer so the sleet was rain, I would have needed to stop and set up the tent to use the puffy or quilt for warmth. 

If I had been carrying my capilene hoody instead of the puffy, and maybe some wool mittens, I would have been fine and warm. But I saved a few ounces because I didn't anticipate any snow storms. When I do the summer to winter equipment change up north, I'll remember the lesson. 

Finally my quilt. It's a Katabatic 30 degree down quilt with a 'fixed' foot box. I love it except for the foot box. I have a touch of restless leg syndrome, and the fairly small foot box is like tying your feet together at the ankles. It's great in cold weather, but when it gets warmer it defeats part of the purpose of having a quilt instead of a mummy bag. I like the design of the Zpacks quilts and will take a look. 

Not sure what I'll do today, probably eat and watch TV!

Have a good day!

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