Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 22 - Water Tank to Reserve

5/6/2018. About 1.2 miles. 

We got up early needing to hike about 1.2 miles uphill for an expected 0800 shuttle pickup into town. 

Just before the Hwy 12 intersection was a hiker doing trail magic. We each got a soda, apple, and chips. Thanks!!  He said there was cell at the highway. Well it was 0700 and no cell reception for ATT. 

I used my Delorme inReach Explorer and texted a shuttle request via Iridium satellite. They responsed it would be about 0900 before they could get there. 

We talked to Cruise and NoDay (?) while we waited in the nice warm sun. NoDay was the young lady that surprised me while my foot was hurting yesterday and I explained my lack of conversation. She was very nice. 

I should mention my knee was killing me on the short hike this morning. It usually didn’t hurt early in the day, but I think the overly long, stressful hike yesterday made it worse. 

I decided to talk to my wife about options. I’ve been hiking over a week using Ibuprofen to make it through. The trail is just too rough to let it heal while walking. 

I could stay in town several days spending money on food and hotels, hope the trail to Pie Town is easy enough to let it heal, or leave the trail. Landstar says lots of ups and downs to Pie Town. It would be another 10 days of limping before a town with a bus if I continued.   I just don’t want to lay around town spending money. Also you really don’t want to stay in Reserve long (really). 

So I talked to Susan. She’ll take a few vacation days and come pick me up. We can visit Pie Town, Silver City, Gila Cliff Dwellings and maybe Carlsbad. 

Since I don’t seem to last long on the AT this probably isn’t much of a surprise to you. 

I really regret not continuing with Landstar. He’s good company and has a nearly identical walking speed. Also, I think the CDT is challenging enough, that hiking solo is not the best option. 

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