Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 12 - Silver City to Gila

4/26/2018. About 15.8 miles. 

We started the day by heading to the Silver City Cafe for eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast and milk!  It opens at 0700. So we got on the trail by 0800. 

The trail was actually the road through and out of town. At about the 5.5 mile mark it became a dirt road. 

We stopped at a Gila NF spot with picnic tables and water. The toilets were still locked. 

The dirt road narrows after a while and goes through pine forests. Nice!  Still dusty and dry. We stopped for lunch on actual (dried) grass. 

Unfortunately the road got terrible. Steep, rocky and at times covered in loose sand and gravel. I took a tumble. 

At about the 13 mile point we got to Bear Creek. Our second water source. Up the dry stream bed we came to flowing water. The water report suggested only puddles ahead so we got nearly four liters. Then walked along the flowing stream to our campsite. 

My tarp has been a nightmare. The stake broke, the new tensioners didn’t work and tonight I pitched it upside down. It’s too embarrassing to show you a photo. 

Hope we don’t get a hard rain. Good night. 

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