Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 14 - On the Gila

4/28/2018.  About 15 miles. 

We started out going down steeply into the Gila River valley. The knee sucked. I took Ibuprofen and Landstar lent me his knee compression brace. 

When we hit the Gila we would alternate crossings with trail that cut across bends in the river. A couple of crossings came up just short of my waist. Some were pretty strong current. 

The land trail was often back from the brushy river front and hard to find. Cairns got more common as we proceeded.  

The vistas are fabulous.  And the river fairly warm. Today we had storm clouds and strong wind but just a few sprinkles. 

We found a high camp site just big enough for two tents. It didn’t storm over night. 

I took 74 photos today. Scenic!

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