Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 20 - NM 94 to Dry Camp

5/4/2018.  About 15 miles.  

Today began with a long, long, mostly uphill road walk. 

At our lunch break 9 hikers passed us.   We went on and finally came to a decent water tank just before a junction at 9,000 ft. The junction was where the official CDT met the Gila alternate we were on. 

After a short break we started down the obvious trail. 45 minutes later we checked our GPS maps and found we were way off trail. Another 45 minutes and we were back at our junction. Just in time to stop Sweet Tooth from making our mistake. 

Landstar picked the second of the three possible paths and again it was wrong. But this time after about 200 yards we checked, then went cross country 100 yards to the actual trail. 

This made a big impact on our hopes for reaching the town junction tomorrow. 

We walked as far as we could after that. We found a flat space to camp in a rocky area. The space was so small I set up my tarp in a high pup tent configuration. I used only rocks (v stakes) but the wind wasn’t bad. 

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