Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 16 - Doc Campbell’s to Middle Fork

4/30/2018. About 14 miles

Nice night at the RV Park. Warm and windy. Ate breakfast at a picnic table and used a privy!

Stopped at Doc’s to check messages. Then did a 3.4 mile toad walk yo the Gila Cliff Dwellings NM. Bought a cookie and they said we had to carry the wrapper out!  Cheap. 

The river is smaller and shallower in a more narrow canyon. Trail is clearer but more sandy. Not much solid dirt. Either sand, river rock, or river. Lots of photos. 

Knee brace and Ibuprofen are working. Hope I’m not jinxing it. Stopped for the usual long lunch break at 1200.   Crossings got more frequent. The trail became less used. We saw a couple of groups backpacking and one couple with a dog playing in the river. 

When I bent over to wash dust off my trekking poles my 1/2 liter Nalgene bottle fell in the river and floated downstream. It took a while to catch it walking through the river at breakneck speed. I’m amazed I caught it. Landstar did’t see what happened and thought I went nuts. 

Finally found a small camp site. 

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