Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 18 - Gila Past Snow Lake

5/2/2018. About 15 miles

Trail got better. Not as many crossings. Though crossings got more slippery as stream bed was not broken up. Lots of trail. 

Then we left Gila and continued up the Snow Lake outlet. Didn’t realize it till too late.  We both had 1/2 liter of water left. We thought spigots would be on at the lake Campground. They were not. Lake was low and a long walk down. 

So we counted on water ahead. Got lucky at T-Bar Canyon stream and filled up. Went a mile farther to a tough campsite. 

Day was miserable. Wore rain jackets to stop wind. It sleeted on us several times, including lunch. Just kept getting colder. 

We camped late. Landstar ate in his tent and went to bed. I cooked under my tarp and then hit the sack. 

I got a weather forecast and it was going down to 28 deg tonight. Wore extra in bed. 

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