Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

It looks like I'll do some backpacking on the CDT this year.  This trail is a bit different than others.  It has an official path that is over 3,000 miles.  But it also has a number of unofficial alternate routes that some or most of the hikers actually take.  The typical thru-hike will be over 2,600 miles, but usually less than 3,000 miles.

CDT with Alternates

The trail starts (or ends) at Crazy Cook, New Mexico at the border with Mexico and heads north to Glacier National Park at the border with Canada.  It passes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

I've done most of the planning and some of the prep to do a thru-hike, but the plan is just to go as far as I can or want to--starting from Crazy Cook.

There are some unique challenges on this long trail.  There are portions that are cross-country with few trail markers.  Resupply is generally farther apart than on other trails.  In several long sections, it can be difficult to find water, and you frequently have to carry more water than usual.  If you get to Colorado too early, the snow can be difficult.  Likewise, if you get to Montana late, the snow can cause problems.  So to wrap up, you have to carry more water, do more active navigation, carry more food, travel farther per day, and at times be prepared for snow travel.

The plan is to start in mid-April.  I'll take a bus to Lordsburg, NM, stay overnight, then take the Continental Divide Trail Coalition sponsored shuttle to Crazy Cook.  I should start the trail on April 15th.  I'll stop my overview here.  But you are encouraged to follow along on my blog.

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