Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 13 - Bear Creek to Just Shy of Gila

4/27/2018. About 15 miles. 

This was a tough day. We started out of the Bear Creek valley with lots of water. We thought it would be dry. But decent water for about 4 miles. 

Lots and lots of uphill.  Tough uphill! All the way up to 8000 feet again. Water was ok, and included a spring in the middle of the trail. But past the waypoint for it. A local told us to fill to our limits. We needn’t have. 

Going downhill my knee started bothering me. Suspect a pull or strain of some type from yesterday’s tumble. 

We camped off the dirt road just before the Gila. Decent spot. But my knee bothered me most of the night. 

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