Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 19 - T-Bar Canyon to NM 94

5/3/2018. About 15 miles. 

It was cold last night. Weather predicted 28 F. Shoes were frozen and so was the water. I put on everything I had to try and stay warm. 

We had to hike out of the canyon without sunlight and heat. Landstar had ice on and in his tent. I had a little on my bivy and ground sheet. 

The footing up the canyon was awful. 

We hit sunlight and a solar powered pond where we took off layers and got some water. Pond water was just ok. 

The hiking got nice across a never ending meadow. Then we turned into a long forest service road. Good footing but uphill.  

Towards the end of the day the weather got threatening. You could see rain coming down on the mountains ahead. We got a few sprinkles. 

This happened on a long open stretch with no trees or cover. We walked fast to hit a tree line and set up camp as soon as we could. 

We pitched tents/tarp and ate as fast as we could. But the sky cleared after sun down and we never got any real rain. 

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