Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 18 Cable Gap Shelter to Fontana 28 AT Crossing

From 159.2 to 164.7 or 5.5 miles. Started 6:45 and finished at 10:20 am. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

After I got to the shelter yesterday everybody started showing up. Two section hikers tented. Two college graduates split hammocking and using the shelter. One southbound flip-flopper came into the shelter. One NOBO hiker Krispy Krème came in after 19 miles. He was about my age. Then six hikers arrived after the heavy rain began. I think they tented. 

It rained about the first half of the night. But was clear all morning into Fontana. A couple of interesting notes on the hikers. Krispy Kreme had dehydrated donuts a friend had made for him. The other guys thought they were good.  One of the graduates was a EE from Liberty going to Johns Hopkins APL. During my career I saw lots of great projects there. I was a little envious. 

I left the shelter first, but Braveheart and the college graduates passed me, but just by a little!

When I got to the Fontana Marina, a couple of waiting guys asked about Krispy Kreme. I figured he wasn't far back. One of them gave me a ride to the lodge, and a brownie!  My first trail magic. Great folks. The lodge is pretty impressive. But its way down hill to the laundry, store and post office. I went about halfway down for lunch (pulled pork) at the Wildwood Grill. Then I used Dr Bonner and the sink to wash out my clothes. 

The torrential rains in Texas delayed my mail drop (and lack of signal to get email to my wife).  So I’m staying a second night to get the food package for the Smokies. I’m already delayed enough. But its either stay an extra night or pay for supplies at the resort store.  But it is nice here!

A couple of comments about apps and signal. Only slow WiFi here so it will be awhile till I get pictures up on the posts. 

You’ll remember two apps disappeared from my iPhone a couple of days back. I lost a local blog. I started using Pages to author the blogs and then copy text to BlogTouch Pro. Figured an Apple iOS app ought to be safe. But yesterday I had to catch up and write two blogs (people were sociable the night before). Well Pages lost half of one!  The rewrite was lots shorter. This one I am writing in Word. The interface is a lot nicer. Hope the stability and safety is too!

It's mid afternoon, but I‘ll leave today's blog at this point. Have a good one!

I tried some photo reduction apps. Lets see if the Wildwood Grill veranda makes it. 

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