Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 17 Locust Cove Gap to Cable Gap Shelter

From 147.6 to 159.2 or 11.6 miles. Started 7:00 finished 4:30.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I actually slept relatively well last night during the continuous rain. I found I could lift the edge of the cuben bathtub floor of the bivy to stop the rain splash. 

I packed up under the tarp and put on my rain gear. As soon as I got the tarp down the rain stopped. I got on the trail by 7:00 am. By about 07:30 I was overheated and took off the rain jacket. Didn't take off the rain pants and pants leggings until about 1130. Waiting was a mistake. The leggings are still wet. 

The fog lifted about 1130 and I got some great photos. 

I decided to stay in the shelter tonight to avoid the rain. I got here and ate before it started raining about 5:30. Although I saw no one all day 5 people got here after I arrived. Hopefully the mice will be nice.

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