Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 11 Long Branch Shelter to Winding Stair Gap / Franklin NC

102.5 to 109.8 or 7.3 miles total. Started 6:45, finished 12:00
Monday May 4, 2015

location: GPS@35°10'56"N 83°22'39"W (2038.1 ft)
Here's today's elevation profile:

The muscle near the ankle is still sore. I walked safe, and was kind of proud of my progress. The Ibuprofen didn't hurt. I'm going to take a zero or maybe two to see if it gets better. 

I stayed in the shelter. Only my second and the first with mice. The NC shelters don't seem as clean as the ones in GA. The mice didn't get into anything that I could tell. 

I shared the shelter with three others:  Big Respiratory System, Pudding Face and a lady from Berlin that is tagging along with them. I got their trail names reluctantly. Nice people though the German really didn't speak English. 

It was another nice day and the terrain was kind to me. 

The room here is clearly assigned to thru hikers. Not where I would stay with my wife. 

Went by the Outdoor 76 outfitters and discussed my sore ankle. I realized while there the pain is mostly above the ankle. Got some insoles anyway to provide a little more support. I did my laundry and ordered pizza. Downtown is close but not the usual chains. 

I've got strong AT&T and Verizon, so I'll get my photos up shortly. Here's today's.  Vistas were scarce today. Have a good evening!

Long Branch Shelter

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