Monday, September 25, 2017

CBS' New Star Trek Discovery -- A Disappointment

I was eagerly looking forward to the new Star Trek series on CBS.  I knew it was going to be on their pay streaming network, so I wasn't sure whether I would continue to follow it after the premier.  What does CBS do that isn't on their public channels?

Anyway, I was unhappy with the ads, oops, articles that had come out talking about the new series.  They all seemed to highlight the fact that an African-American female, playing First Officer, would be leading a Star Trek series for the first time.  No mention of any Captain.  In what military does a First Officer lead a unit?

Well, the content of the ads represented the thrust of the series.  It appears to be a social justice indoctrination that rubs our nose in white male privilege and supremacy.  And at the same time paints military members as idiots.  The Captain, as it turns out is Asian female.  The Science Officer seems to be an alien, fish maybe?  I only saw one white male on the bridge, and he seemed to be a junior officer.

Add to that, when they cut to the Klingons (it's about a new war with the Klingons), you see a peculiarly painted, up close, black Klingon.  Other than the fake face paint, that isn't too bad.  But then they have a white Klingon ridiculed as unworthy for his color.  Not just rubbing our noses in their white male privilege, but white supremacy too.

Personally, I don't like anyone rubbing my nose in their social justice campaigns.  I don't mind a diverse set of characters with various races, genders, and aliens.  But leave out your social campaigns.  I want a science fiction plot I can enjoy without the side distractions.  By the way, the Captain seems to do a good job.

Then there's the behavior of their new Star Trek series 'leader,' the First Officer.  Her most important action in this episode is to physically assault her Captain, putting her to sleep, then ordering phaser fire on the Klingons in contradiction to her Captain's order.  Mutiny.  Worse, she only put the Captain to sleep for a few seconds, and the Captain comes back onto the bridge before the fire order is completed.  An incompetent mutineer!  The episode ends showing the First Officer in the brig.

So we are supposedly going to see the First Officer get out of the brig, save the day against a Klingon attack, and take over running a Federation starship.  After she mutinees?

So no.  I am not going to pay for any future episodes of this series.  And I assume the CBS management that approved this script is putting on the same quality of shows on their new pay channel.

Worse, I had to watch over 15 minutes of the end of 60 Minutes for a late start for the series.  Whatever happened to 60 Minutes' investigative journalism?  This episode was just a focus group doing mostly Trump bashing.  Maybe 50% of the country doesn't watch CBS anymore?  And CBS doesn't worry about that segment of their potential audience?

Bottom line, unless you are a social liberal, don't bother with the new Star Trek.

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