Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 3 Gooch Mountain to Neels Gap

15.7 to 31.7 miles or 16 miles. But it took from 0800 to 7:20 pm.

Sunday April 26, 2015. Here's today's elevation profile:

Nice day with sun and wind. But lots of up and down. Coming down from Blood Mountain was a rock obstacle course. 

Met Flatfeet, a triple crowner on the trail, and got some good advice from him. 

The Machine talked me into coming to Neels Gap and Mountain Crossing outfitter and hostel. But he's not here. He usually gets to the camp location ahead of me.  Maybe he didn't realize he could stay in the bunk room even after they closed. 

Here's the daily pictures ...  Have a good night!

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