Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 10 - Over Gray’s Peak to Silver City

4/24/2018. Only walked about 9 miles today. 

The sunrise was fantastic. But the wind blew that dirt/dust into my face all night. The moon was like a bright flood lamp. 

We got started early and it was a moderate climb up to about 8,000 ft. Then downhill to Mud Springs for our water. 

There was a metal basin with yucky looking water. Down below was a trough that I think gets deep from the tank. It was clear but so shallow we had lots of particulates. We dumped that and filled up 4 liters with the yucky stuff. But few floaters. I used Steripen and AquaMira. 4 liters was overkill. 

After snacks, we started back to the Ley alternate down Deadman’s Canyon. The CDT primary trail was 20 miles longer with no promise of water. 

The canyon hike was nice. But it ended in a wide, graded dirt road. Busy. After a long uphill in the sun and heat, Landstar stuck his thumb out. The second ones by gave us a lift to the highway. Nice folks and we shared a seat with the dog. 

When we got to the 12.6 mile highway walk, Landstar stuck his thumb out again, and the third vehicle stopped. It was a small Chevy sedan with three ladies. I don’t know how we all fit. We got to see Silver City suburbs while they dropped off their friend in the back seat with us. Then they took us downtown to the post office. I’m amazed how friendly and courteous the people are out here. 

We called and got a couple of rooms at the Palace in the historic district. Lots of history. 

After laundry and the post office, we went to Diane’s for dinner. Good but over-priced. 

No air in this hotel so I’ve got the window open and fan turning. 

Good night. 

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