Friday, April 20, 2018

CDT Day 2 (4/16) Water Cache 1 to Dry Camp at 28

I’m going to use my miles vice the official ones. So the mileage I report will be less than what I actually walk. For example today we went about 4 miles past the 2nd water cache. The official route says 15 to 16 miles, but I’m reporting only 14. 

It was so windy today, and I was so tired that this is actually being written on Day 3. On day 1 I tried to pitch my tarp, but the stakes wouldn’t hold, so I cowboy camped. I was in an area with Landstar and Charlie. They both got up 45 minutes before dawn and started off right after it got light. 

We had the option of a 10 mile road walk plus 2 mi cross country or an 11.2 cross country. 9 of the ten of us chose the road. Starboard chose cross country. It put her 2 hours behind us. The road was a mix of good and bad (gravel). I had developed a blister underneath the callous on my big toe. 3 or 4 needle punctures and nothing came out. So I put leukotape around it. 

At the end of the 12 miles was our second water cache. I had caught up to Landstar and we were walking together. We took about 4 liters and walked on about 3-4 miles and dry camped. The next good water was about 9.7 miles further for day 3. So I minimized water use at dinner and breakfast. 

I had used my umbrella for day 1 and half of today, then the wind picked up. I set up my tarp, but the wind was hellacious. My new tarp doesn’t have standard line tensioners and the gizmos I added don’t work. The ground was loose. 

Middle of the night I had to reset one of my stakes. I’ve got a 20 deg F quilt and it’s just too hot at night. Don’t even need a hat (to sleep). 

With the camps we made, there was no place to sit up and blog. It’s too hot till dusk, then the sun drops fast. 

The wind didn’t calm till 2:00 am. Miserable night wit the flapping noise. 

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