Friday, April 20, 2018

CDT Day 5 (4/19) Cow Paddy to 5th Water Cache

This was supposed to be a 16.5 mile day. But we got careless about a mile from the cache and didn’t check our maps. We ended adding over 2 miles and some cross country to get to the cache. 

Today was very hot and windy. Started with some confusing cross country but ended with a long dirt road walk. That is except for missing the water cache turn off. 

More ups and downs than yesterday. And a few small trees. The noonday Water was a half mile off the trail. But there was a decent tree to sit under for a break. 

The rest of the day got miserable with increased heat and a strengthening strong wind. 

The cache, like most, had no shade nearby  4 of us were trying to huddle in a 3’ by 2’ area of shade from the metal cache box. 

I ate a PBJ tortilla but Landstar was too hot to eat. 

Just before dusk we set up our cowboy camps in the roaring wind. It stopped for a couple of hours at 2:00 am, when it got cold, then came roaring back about 5:15 am just before we got out of our bags. 

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