Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 9 Bly Gap to Unofficial Tent Site

78.6 to 91.7 or 13.1 miles total. Started 7:05am finished 5:20pm. With thr 8.8 mile approach trail I've now walked over 100 miles.

Saturday May 2, 2015, photos added 5/4  Here's today's elevation profile:

The Bly Gap site wasn't ideal. No flat ground, silty water, and no private area to take a leak. 

I only ate bananas for breakfast; so I ended up eating all my snacks. I hydrated better today than yesterday. Dinner was beef stroganoff, broccoli and ghee mixed together. Good!

Today wasn't as windy but seemed cloudier. Again not much opportunity for vista photos. And for the first time no cell service anywhere. 

I noticed the last couple of days my right sock was twisted on my foot. I figured I wasn't planting the foot straight so today I tried to walk 'correct'. I could feel the strain in the ankle muscles. When I hit the rocky downhill this afternoon it got sore. I slowed down and decided to stop earlier. The first tent site with water was packed with weekenders. I moved on, got water, and found this site. 


I'm about to do my nightly foot care. Also going to listen to some music. Then hit the sack. 

Good night!  Since no vistas, here's my tarp setup. 

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