Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 10 Unofficial Site to Long Branch Shelter

91.7 to 102.5 or 10.8 miles. Started 7:45am and finished 4:45pm.
Sunday May 3, 2015, photos added

Here's today's elevation profile:

Figure not bad for taking it slow with a sore ankle all day. Some of the trail was pretty rough. 

First wanted to hit an encounter yesterday and the day before I missed. Bigfoot and Birder were heading south both days. They are shuttling their car and doing day hikes. They've gone from NY and are headed to Springer Mountain. 

Much of today's trail was nice. But the climb up Albert Mountain was an ankle buster. :-)  They had an alternate route but it skipped the 100 mile point. Several great views and I'll get the pictures up tomorrow in Franklin. 

The Ibuprofen made the ankle walkable. Uphill didn't usually hurt at all. Downhill felt terrible. 

Decided to stop early and stay in the shelter. Have about 7.3 miles tomorrow before I catch a ride into Franklin. 

Have a good night!

Much of the trails are rhododendron tunnels. At the Albert Mountain fire tower, with my fear of heights, I only went up part way. Course I'll tell everybody it was my ankle.  That's it!

Albert Mountain Fire Tower

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