Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 15 Cool Spring Shelter to Nantahala Outdoor Center

From 125.7 to 137.5 or 11.8 miles. Started 7:22 and finished 4:25 pm. 

Sunday May 24, 2015

I had a near ideal camping site yesterday. Up on a ridge but sheltered from the fierce wind. The problem was you didn't want to be outside the tarp, bivy and quilt. So when I got up this morning I headed out. Weather was nice but fog moved in before I left. Just fog for the first two bald 'views'. 

The last bald though was fantastic with a great observation tower. Thought it would be all downhill today, but there were plenty of ups. The long downhill though had some of the worst terrain yet. 

Just after noon I became concerned I might have taken a side trail. I got out the iPhone to check my position with Guthook's AT Hiker app. It was gone!  So was the BlogTouch Pro app and yesterday's blog (no signal so it was saved local).  I was pretty irritated. Somehow I had also lost 33% of the battery charge while in airplane mode with the screen off. I figure it must have been an iOS bug. 

I checked signal and had 3 bars, so I re-downloaded the apps. I also called and got a room here at the NOC. AWOL's guide said the NOC closed at 5:00 so I booked it. Turns out it's 8:00 pm that the NOC closes. Got a good meal and a shower. But there's a large family squatting on the veranda, so I'm writing this from the community kitchen. The NOC's zip-lines, kayaks and rafts make this look like a great place to visit.

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