Saturday, April 25, 2020

COVID-19 There’s No Indication That ...

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that medical authorities either mislead or directly lie to the public nearly all the time.  As a physicist and engineer I’ve always had my concerns about doctors and their knowledge.  I’m sure most have good intentions, but I get the impression that they just draw on a body of knowledge to make a best guess.  If they don’t give you a test, it cannot be more than a good guess.  It’s likely to be better than mine.  If they do tests, they may arrive at a conclusion with a higher probability.  But there is very little certainty.

Take my prostate cancer.  In my fifties I had a high PSA test.  They did a biopsy that seemed to take samples at random.  The samples suggested I had a mild, non-aggressive version of cancer.  They recommended watchful waiting, but also said I had the option of removing my prostate.  I took the option.  Analysis of the removed tissue indicated the cancer was moderately aggressive.  Their recommended watchful waiting could have killed me.  Their biopsy had produced the wrong conclusion.

Now take the Wuhan virus.  China and the World Health Organization (WHO) both said there was no evidence of human to human contagion.  This was in early January.  In this case they both lied.  A little later they said the virus did not spread easily between humans.  Sure thing.

More recently, after several animals were found to be infected with COVID-19, the WHO said there was no reason to believe that animals could give COVID-19 to humans.  So if the virus jumped from bats to humans as both China and the WHO insist, as opposed to escaping from a lab, how do they make that claim?  Maybe they said pets and not animals, so they wouldn’t have been literally lying.

Then take there’s no evidence that masks will protect you from the virus.  They even said they could be harmful.  That was the WHO, CDC, and the US Surgeon General.  What do people think the masks were created to do?  How stupid did they think the public could be?  Are you now using a mask?

Then there’s the common, there is no evidence that medicine X will cure COVID-19.  Any data is purely anecdotal.  So take a French report that says hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc sulfate can prevent a serious case of COVID-19 when used early.  New York does clinical trials and only uses it in serious cases, much later than the ‘anecdotal’ report suggested.  Or the trial doesn’t use all three.  Or it uses chloroquine instead of hydroxychloroquine.  The trial doesn’t work, so they say hydroxychloroquine cannot assist in COVID-19 cases.  Sure.

And that last one brings in the media.  Most of the media and all the democrats want Trump to do poorly and lose the upcoming election.  You should believe what they say at your own risk.  My personal opinion is that most will use the fear of the virus to keep the lock downs in place as long as possible.  If republican governors open early, additional deaths can be thrown at their feet.  A crumbling economy to them is just gravy.  It hurts Trump and let’s the House pass more spending bills to increase the dependency of the public on government.

I’ll close with the testing mantra.  Sure, doctors want more testing.  The media and democrats want lock downs to continue until testing of everyone.  It’s kind of like waiting for a vaccine.  More testing and continued lock downs could save more lives.  But I haven’t seen anyone give a realistic plan that shows how more testing let’s us open up sooner.

Believe what you will.

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