Saturday, March 14, 2020

Joe Biden's Mental Decline II

Seems like a good time to do an update on the democratic primary process.  For the rest of this blog, I'm going to just assume Joe Biden is having increasing mental/cognitive problems.  Maybe it's dementia, maybe it's Alzheimers, maybe its something else.  If you disagree, stop here.

I was wrong, as of now, in my guess that he wouldn't debate Bernie Sanders.  However, the DNC did update the rules to eliminate Tulsi Gabbard, and actually anyone other than Bernie and Joe.  They required any debater to have at least 20% of the convention delegates from previous primaries.  Since at the time both Bernie and Joe each had more than 40%, no one else could be eligible to participate.

Then both Bernie and Joe canceled any rallies because of the corona virus.  This is quite a win for Joe as he's ahead, and it means almost no opportunities for the public to see new examples of mental decline.

I'm guessing at Sunday's debate we'll see Bernie enthusiastically advocating for his policies while Joe shows his 'vitality' by attacking Bernie (and Trump).  Bernie refused to attack Hillary, and I suspect he will do the same with Joe Biden.  Joe will not return the favor.

Actually, since Bernie stabbed himself in the back by praising Castro, Joe has an apparently untouchable lead in the primaries.  He can actually afford not to even both with Bernie at the debate.  If they had been neck and neck, it could have been different.

So all Joe really has to do at this week's debate is hide his mental decline.  Medication, a short debate, sitting (versus standing?), and sticking to a few talking points might get him through it.

You notice, it doesn't matter anymore whether someone answers a moderator's question.  A moderator could ask whether the candidate thinks the sky is blue, and a candidate could talk about drought in South America, and they would just move on to the next question.

After that debate, Joe still needs to get to 50% of the delegate total.  I don't think anyone doubts he can do it, since no one else is running.  It appears the democrats think they can shore up the ticket with a strong, mentally clear, vice presidential candidate.

But Joe will still have to get through one or more debates with President Trump.  At least most people think so.  I still think Joe will refuse to debate Trump.  Guess we'll see.

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