Friday, April 19, 2019

The Despicable Judge Napolitano

Before Trump was elected, I used to like reading Judge Napolitano's articles on Fox News.  He was a pretty good libertarian and believed in constitutional government.  I didn't like his articles where every sentence was a question, but the other stuff was pretty good.

Then came President Trump's election.  Suddenly everything President Trump did was despicable, repellent, abhorrent, and likely subject to prosecution.  No longer did Judge Napolitano believe in freedom of speech, believe in innocent until proven guilty, or the primacy of constitutional protections and authorities.  Instead, his articles left out anything on the exoneration side of an argument against Trump. 

In my opinion, he became a rabid Never-Trumper who would not apply the principles of freedom he so strongly pushed during the Obama era.

And even after the Mueller report came out, he said there was enough there for prosecution.  I won't ever read another article of his.

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