Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kavanaugh Background Investigation

This post will be unusually short (for me).  I read that the FBI background investigation update on Brett Kavanaugh was to cover current credible allegations.  I figured that was the Christine Ford allegation of attempted rape.  There have been two other major allegations, and potentially other minor ones.

The Ramirez allegation was that Kavanaugh exposed himself to the young woman at a college party.  She was unsure of whether it was actually Brett Kavanaugh and two anti-Trump newspapers (the New Yorker and New York Times) both said they could not find anybody that could corroborate her story.  To me, that's not credible.

The Swetnick allegation was that Kavanaugh was present and/or participated in multiple gang rapes at parties as well as spiking punch to get potential victims drunk. Swetnick was a college student who reportedly attended these high school parties at least 10 times.  Including one instance where she alleges she was the gang rape victim.  Again no corroboration.  Why would a college woman attend high school parties where gang rapes are taking place, multiple times?  Again, I don't find the allegation credible.

Yet media reports this morning state that the FBI has already tried to contact Ramirez and Swetnick to inquire about their allegations.  Maybe when they get details, they will find them not credible and discontinue their inquiries.

On the other hand, this potentially opens the investigation up to all non-curricular activities of Brett Kavanaugh in high school and college.  And potential interviews with anybody that knew Brett Kavanaugh or attended any party or non-school functions.  That is a ridiculously broad investigation and would require a ridiculous amount of resources to do it right.

Its like a Russian collusion investigation into the 2016 presidential election turning into decade old tax evasion and money laundering investigations involving Ukraine.  Unlimited.

I cannot believe the republicans in the Senate expected an unlimited investigation, even if it is supposed to last only 7 days.

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