Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Speculation on Coronavirus V - It's Not the Flu

This morning, I read two articles (relevant to this post).  One was from a doctor in Italy who has seen his hospital overwhelmed with corona virus victims.  Nothing else is being supported.  Most are dying or nearly dying with double pneumonia.  He says many doctors and nurses are infected and have spread it to their families. The patients who aren't going to make it aren't getting meds to save them for those that they will help. Then I read an article by a retired Lt Col marine.  He thinks the stats are much worse for the flu.  No need to panic.  Just wash your hands, spray or wipe everything, and minimize social activities.

According to the marine's stats, if I happen to get the virus, I have a 3.6% chance of dying (my age group).  He doesn't list my somewhat younger wife with asthma.

But suppose a large percentage of the elderly people you know are all in the hospital with pneumonia.  How do you think they are going to help the people with less fatal problems?  It's not going to happen.  If you break your leg or have an ear infection, will you want to go to the hospital?  Do you think they would spend time on you even if you do?

Hopefully, it won't get that bad in my area or yours.  But it might.  Acting like its just another flu is a ridiculous response.

And I don't know what your local situation is, but there's been no hand-sanitizer, clorox, or iso-propyl alcohol on the shelves in my area for a couple of weeks.  No masks either.  And it isn't available on Amazon.  How do people continue to wash, wipe and spray if they don't have any?

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