Friday, March 6, 2020

Joe Biden's Mental Decline

There was a story on Legal Insurrection this morning where someone used the term 'cognitive decline' when talking about Joe Biden's inability to talk through a concept.  I think that's better than 'mental decline' but hated to reuse someone else's terminology.

What I actually wanted to talk about was how I think the media and DNC are going to protect their presidential front runner, Joe Biden, from any exposure of his probable mental disability.  That is, any poor performance significant enough to impact his chance of being elected.

Personally, from what I've seen of transcripts and short videos, it looks to me like he's got some kind of Alzheimer's or general senility that prevents him from speaking coherently when he's not reading from a teleprompter.

If that is so, what I expect the DNC to do is cancel any future Democratic debates, especially any that are two hours or longer.  They may have one or two that are an hour long, if they think Joe's meds or his stamina can last that long.  But I really suspect they will announce that the multiple previous debates plus all the town halls have been enough to present the primary voters with a stark choice between Joe and Bernie.

That will have the additional benefit of the DNC not having to change the rules to eliminate Tulsi Gabbard from future debates.

If Joe is the democratic nominee, and President Trump wants debates, I expect Joe will claim that he is unwilling to be on the same stage as an illegitimate president and reprobate like Trump.  Obviously, I think President Trump is a great president, I'm using words I think democrats would say.

All of that would mean potential voters won't get to see anything but a few brief, scripted, teleprompted speeches by Joe Biden between now and November 2020.  If, as I suspect, 80% of the voters have not seen anything of Biden since he was VP, this will greatly improve his chances of winning.

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